Covid-19 Updates- Physically Distanced Social Fun

Face Coverings are still required through, at least, May 2nd, 2021

     As a private, family owned and operated business, we have decided to continue to follow the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health's recommendations. Warrior Lanes will continue to require all guests and staff to wear a mask at all times inside our bowling center. Anyone unable or unwilling to wear a mask should visit us at another time. We remain committed to the well-being of our community and to being the best #CovidSafeBusiness we can be!😷
We will reevaluate our policy as we near the end of the current emergency proclamation in early May.
     Thank you for your support & understanding!
Kristy Basart-Morse and Brad Basart
Warrior Lanes Owners

  It's time where we can finally say, NO CHANGES!  Warrior Lanes will continue to require all guests to wear a mask at all time through at least April 4th, 2021,in conjunction with the most current disaster order.  We will review this policy again in early April.

  The biggest problem we have as a business, is some guests who refuse to comply with the rules.  Most of the time this centers around the consumption of alcohol.  We may even consider temporarily discontinuing the sale of alcohol if this continues to be the trend.  

  Private business owners have the right to make whatever choices they feel are in the best interest of the community and our family.  While we are open to the public, we are still a private business and can set whatever "rules" we feel necessary: at this time, we choose masks at all times.  At this time, there have been no contact traced cases of COVID-19 related to Warrior Lanes and we are working hard to keep it that way!  

  We appreciate your support, patience and understanding!  #WarriorStrong #covidsafebusiness #BowlingIsSafe

A new week and some changes! To protect our staff, customers & community, even though the Governor's orders for US expire tonight, we will CONTINUE to require masks at all times, through the expiration of the current order on March 7th. At that time we will review CDC and IDPH recommendations and update you on additional changes. By keeping mask rules in place, we feel we will be better able to serve you by opening up more lanes for use and reduce your wait times! THIS IS A GOOD THING! We will still only allow a maximum of 5 guests per lane to make sure everyone can be comfortably seated. And OF COURSE our extensive cleaning and sanitizing protocols will stay in place!#WarriorStrong #covidsafebusiness #BowlingIsSafe

Face coverings still required

No news means status quo.  We are still operating under Governor Reynolds' order dated 1/7/2021 and we are appreciative of all of our customers' support, patience and understanding.  For questions regarding bowling specific orders, please see pages 6 & 7 of the linked document, Section F. We are required to make sure all of our guests are wearing masks and that we provide an environment that is clean and socially distanced.  

None of us "like" what is happening, but all of us "need" to do what is supposed to be done to get through this historic time.

Hi friends!  We are currently following Governor Reynolds' order dated 1/7/2021 and fall under a couple of different "Sections" depending on the activity your are engaging in, within Warrior Lanes.  We have personally had each Section defined for us, as it specifically relates to Warrior Lanes, by Anna at the Governor's office.

Masks covering nose & mouth are required at all time by all guests ages 2 and over.  Anyone SEATED at their assigned lane AND ACTIVELY eating or drinking, may pull their mask down only during those moments.  Otherwise masks must remain on and properly worn.

Any guest who is not able or willing to wear a mask under these conditions should not visit Warrior Lanes until the Governor & Mayor's order expire or their ability to properly wear a mask, returns.  We will miss you but hope you understand that we are doing everything we can to continue to stay open and in business while keeping you, other guests and our staff safe and healthy.  Paper disposable masks or Neoprene reusable masks are available for purchase from our staff.

To order and consume food and beverages you must have a seat at an assigned table and sit to do so.

Because of the size and layout of our bowling center, there is only room for a maximum of 5 chairs at lane tables.  This limits the number of guests per lane to a maximum of 5.  A guest is any BODY, not just any bowler.  For example: If you have 4 bowlers and 2 more who are just "watching" and not bowling, you MUST have 2 lanes.  Every BODY must have their own seat with their group.  This allows us to foster the 6' social distancing as required by the current mandate.

Please feel free to contact Brad or Kristy with any questions or clarifications to our current business practices.

We are now following the Governor's proclamation dated 11/10/2020 and the Mayor of Waukee's proclamation dated 11/5/2020 requiring all guests to wear a face covering/mask over their nose and mouth when in public (aka our bowling center), and 6' social distancing is not possible.  What does this mean for our guests?  Bowlers may pull down their mask when it is their turn and they have stepped up onto the approach to bowl their turn.  Anyone ACTIVELY eating or drinking, must be seated and then may temporarily remove their mask.  All other times, everyone must be wearing a mask.  The city of Waukee has civil penalties in place for violations and the state has put food/beverage licenses on the line.  Please help up protect the future of Warrior Lanes, our staff, guests and yourself by following these requirements.

Regarding group sizes: We have a hard limit of 5 guests per lane or 8 guests per group.  A guest is anyone who is bowling or not bowling.  This includes infants.  A group of 6 will be assigned 2 lanes, based on availability, even if only 3 members of the group are actually bowling.

We are currently following the governor's proclamation dated 8/21/2020 "REOPENING OF BUSINESSES AND ESTABLISHMENTS" SECTION TWO, subsection J. and "MASS GATHERINGS" SECTION THREE, A and B.

Hello Friends! Another day= Another change. But we’ve got this! We could have been shut down again today, but we didn't and are so grateful!!!! Thank you for your continued support♥

Regarding Governor Reynolds’ proclamation today (8/27/2020) about bars & restaurants AND the common questions about masks…

The closing of bars in Dallas County does not affect our bowling center. Because much less than 50% of our revenue is from bar sales, we are not a bar. The majority of our revenue is from bowling and the arcade, so we are not a restaurant. We are already closed by the 10pm cutoff for alcohol sales, so that isn’t a factor either!

However, it is not in our nature to take advantage of any situation, so we are implementing a couple of new procedures to stay in line with the proclamation and other local businesses:

1. Warrior Lanes is STILL physically distancing and limiting capacity for open bowling and group gatherings. We strive to use every other lane to give guests more elbow room and limit group size to 6 guests per lane or 10 per group. Each guest must have their own seat. A guest is anyone bowling and anyone NOT bowling. EveryBODY counts!

2. We will STILL continue to offer pre-paid lane reservations on our website, 24 hours in advance. Walk-ins are absolutely welcome, and we do our best to keep your wait time to a minimum, but pre-paid reservations take priority.

3. You may STILL call ahead when you are in the parking lot (515-987-4840) and leave a number to be called or texted when we have a lane ready for you.

4. We STILL do not have any seating available AT our bar counter. If you have a lane and are bowling (which means you have a seat), you may order alcohol from our bar counter, to consume at your seat. If you are ordering food to eat on premises, you may purchase alcohol as well, as long as you are seated.

5. Regarding masks, currently they are not mandated. HOWEVER, we strongly ENCOURAGE guests to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when moving about in our COMMON areas (arcade, restrooms, customer service counter, bar, snack bar, when selecting a bowling ball, etc.) and when 6’ of distance cannot be maintained. You are welcome to remove your face covering when you are at your lane. Currently, you are not required to wear a mask while bowling or seated at your lane table.

We will continue to monitor mandates and CDC recommendations and make changes as necessary. We will not be the mask police. Please make your own choices based on what is best for you and those around you.

Be safe! Wash your hands! And Go Bowling!
Kristy & Brad

Together and still apart, it is still possible to make plans and have fun with family and friends.  While maintaining the clean, bright and safe bowling center you have always expected, here are just some of the things we are doing at Warrior Lanes to keep you safe and rolling...
Even more hand sanitizer locations throughout our location
Contact-less payment is available at all registers
Extra distancing between groups, and limiting lanes to a maximum of 5 bowlers + 1 guest
Accepting open play reservations, online, 24 hours in advance
Health checks of all team members at the beginning of each work shift
Increased frequency of sanitation of all frequently touched areas
Bowling areas and equipment (house balls, rental shoes, furniture, etc) disinfected after each group leaves
Single use, disposable, food and beverage containers
Our team wears a mask and gloves when cleaning and serving you laneside

And here are our plans for our league bowlers...