Kids Bowl Free 2019 Registration is OPEN!

KBF 2019 started April 14th & ends September 14th!

It's TIME!  Registration for Kids Bowl Free 2019 is now open and the program started on April 14th!  Register NOW! 

Kids Bowl Free 2019 $600 "School Challenge"™

 As a KBF 2019 member (youth or family pass holder), every game you bowl this summer counts as a point for your school, if you choose to participate in the program.  The top 3 participating schools, with the most number of games bowled by August 31, 2019 will win a cash donation to their parent/teacher organization: $300 for 1st Place, $200 for 2nd Place, and $100 for 3rd Place. Your school must be a registered participating school (identified as those who provide KBF cards to their students) to qualify for the Challenge!  The top 3 individual kids with the most games bowled will earn a new bowling ball!  ASK US HOW THIS PROGRAM WORKS!

School Standings for the 2019 Challenge!

 1. Waukee High School- ​​​1,​​486 Games
​2. ??? Unclaimed Games- 1,​118
 ​3. Waukee Middle School- ​​​1,090 games

​4. Grant Ragan- ​​​4​84 Games
​5. Waukee Elementary- ​​​4​72 Games
Updated ​7/​11/19 ​​5pm

 Indv Standings for the 2019 Challenge!

1st  Diego L. ​​​​​176 Games

2nd Sasha B.   ​​1​​72 Games

​3rd Damon W. ​​ 1​62 Games
​4th tie Connor & Tyler F.  ​116 Games
 ​6th ​Kyla S. ​90 Games
Updated ​7/​11/19 ​​5pm

Fun & Educational FINAL Stats for KBF 2019 as of ​7/​11/19 at ​​5pm
 ​​2,​​601 Members tracking games for their schools & ​​​​1​1,880 Games bowled to date
​​​5,​527 Registered Kids & ​​​1,​200 Registered Adults= ​​​​6,063 Members
1​10+ School & Day Cares Represented Plus Home School Families
​​​297,000 Calories Burned - ​3,​394 Miles Walked - ​​​​1,​900,800Pounds Lifted and Carried
​​2,​970 Hours of Physical & Social Exercise Achieved,
(away from electronic while spending time with family and friends!)

2019 Participating Schools as of 6/1/19

Perry High School, Perry Middle School, Perry Elementary School, St. Patrick's, Woodward Middle/High School, Granger K-5 Early Learning Center, Granger Assumption Religious Education Center, DCG Elementary, DCG South Prairie, DCG Heritage, DCG North Ridge, DCG Middle School, DCG Meadows, DCG High School, DCG Christian, Panora Elementary, Panora Middle/High School, Stuart Elementary, WCV High School, WCV Middle School- Redfield, WCV Elementary- Dexter, Winterset Elementary, Winterset Middle/High School, Grace Christian Academy, Van Meter Preschool, Van Meter Elementary, Van Meter Middle/High School, Earlham Pk-6th, Earlham Middle School, Earlham HS, St. Francis School, Sacred Heart, Dowling Catholic HS, Crestview Elementary, Crossroads Park Elementary, Fairmeadows Elementary, Stilwell Jr. High, Valley High School, Indian Hills Jr, High, Walnut Creek, Valley Southwoods, Jordan Creek Elementary, Westridge Elementary, Clive Elementary, Hillside Elementary, Jordan Creek Elementary, Western Hills Elementary, Montessori Child Care, Clive Children's Center 1 & 2, Traditions 1 and 2 in WDM, New Horizons PreK, Bergman Academy, St. Theresa's, St. Augustin's, Holy Family, St. Joseph's, Mt. Olive,  Grandview Christian, Unity Point CDC, Traditions Johnston, DM Christian, St. Pius, Traditions Urbandale, Ankeny Christian, Walnut Hills Elementary, Eason Elementary, Grant Ragan Elementary, Brookview Elementary, Shuler Elementary, Waukee MS, Waukee Elementary, Waukee High School, Maple Grove Elementary, Prairieview, South Middle School, Timberline, 1st Steps, Little Wonders, Westside Kids, New Beginnings, Westview Church, Waukee Headstart, North Polk West, North Polk Central, North Polk MS, Kindercare Hickman, Beyond The Bell Summer Program

*How do we calculate these numbers?

Total number of KBF games bowled during a fixed time frame. 
Every 3.5 games bowled = 1 mile walked.
Every game bowled = approx 160 lbs based on an 8lb ball and 2 balls per frame for 10 frames.
100 calories are burned in an hour of bowling.
# of games bowled in an hour is approx. 4 / number of games bowled = amount of total time bowling.