Your Party Place Headquarters In Waukee!

What kind of bowling event do you want to have?  At Warrior Lanes we host lots of awesome birthday parties for kids, teens & adults, great corporate and office parties and cash generating fundraisers every year! 

Our private party room is available for booking...
Need catering or bringing in a birthday cake?  Check out our "Build A Party" option & add the room!

Kids Birthday Parties

We understand that home birthday events are a lot of work: all the preparation, decorating, cooking, entertaining during the party, and then clean up after the guests leave!  Build a party package that meets your needs! FUN, FOOD, FAMILY & FRIENDS! BUILD MY PARTY NOW!


At Warrior Lanes we know that not every party package is right for everyone!  Available beginning 6/1, you can build your perfect package. Just choose your date & time, select exactly what you want for food & beverages (if any) click ADD TO CART and check out!  It's that easy!  BUILD MY PARTY NOW!

Adult Parties!

Whether you're looking to book a party for yourself, a spouse or a friend, Warrior Lanes guarantees that you'll have a great time, with your favorite people! Our perfect solution for your "What should we do?" problem.  No rain-outs & no bench-warmers!

Corporate Parties Of All Types

In our ever changing world, we are keeping up by modifying our large group outings so they are even easier to plan, safer to gather and still maintaining the fun and WOW that you and your guests need and deserve!   Whether you want a private event for 100 or just a few lanes for a smaller group- Call Kristy at 515-987-4840 or email to build the perfect event.  Catering available for groups of 20 or more!

Fundraising Made Easy!

Warrior Lanes helps local church fundraisers, school fundraisers and many other organizations too.

Are you organizing a fundraiser for your organization? Are you looking for a new fundraising Idea? Call us at 515-987-4840 for more information.

We can help you raise money WITH A PARTY, instead of the hassle of washing cars, selling candy bars, counting pop cans or grilling hot dogs outside the grocery store.

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to legal, insurance, IABD licensing & health department restrictions, outside food and beverages are not permitted in our bowling center.