Purple Pin Pro Shop

Your one stop shop for bowling balls, bowling shoes, bowling bags and all of the important bowling accessories.  Learn to bowl private and small group lessons are available by appointment.

The Purple Pin Pro Shop is operated by Brad Basart, with sales assistance from Kristy Morse.

Brad has over 30 years of experience both part-time and full-time in bowling pro shops to go with his 40 years of bowling and 22+ years of youth coaching. The years of experience measuring and fitting a bowler’s hand properly, along with taking time to help guide a bowler to a comfortable delivery of their ball is a key to satisfied customers.

While Brad doesn’t bowl as often as he would like, he still maintains first hand knowledge about today’s bowling balls- from entry level to high performance equipment.  Brad also travels frequently to tournaments, watching competitors with different bowling styles using an assortment of bowling equipment.  

Beyond our posted pro shop hours, Brad and Kristy have some availability to offer individual and small group coaching and lessons by appointment.


Monday: 5pm-9pm
Tuesday: Noon-6pm
Wednesday: 5pm-9pm
Thursday: Noon-5pm
Friday: 4pm-9pm
Saturday: Noon-5pm
Sunday: Closed


Ball Drilling

Ball Resurfacing

With Ball Purchase: Free
Basic Conventional Fit: $35
High Performance Ball: $50
Installing Finger Inserts: $5 each
Installing Thumb Insert: $15
Plugging Holes & Redrilling: $40-65

Return to Dull Surface: $15-$25
Return to Shiny Surface: $20-$30
Clean & Polish Only: $5

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